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2012 Team Fiscal Presentations

Wade Steen - Fiscal Officer

Mark Parks - Fiscal Office Acting Controller, Special Projects

Sharon Cole - Deputy Chief of Operations for Executive Office

Matt Rubino - Office of Budget Management

Michelle Rude - Fiscal Office Lodging Tax

Lenora Lockett - Office of Procurement & Diversity

Dan Harbaurgh - Board of Revision

Bryan Dunn - Budget Commission

Michael Sweeney - Treasury

Donna Carter - Homestead

Jennifer Scofield - Fiscal Office - CountyStat

Brian O'Malley - Fiscal Office - Real estate Services

Bill Lavin - Cuyahoga County Microfilm Center

Vanessa Davis - Recording

Eric Richter - Fiscal Office - Director of Operations

JoAnn Jackson - Fiscal Office - Real Property

James Hopkins - Fiscal Office - ReAppraisal

Jennifer Lastery - Fiscal Office - Public Records Request