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What Businesses Need to Know

When was the last time you checked the accuracy of your deli, produce, fish, or meat packing scale? Are you giving product away? Or, even worse, are you risking your firm’s reputation by selling less than the quantity represented? Are you complying with the Red Flags Rules or labeling and advertising laws?

The Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs is working to enhance consumer protection and help level the playing field for businesses through its education and inspection programs. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please contact us at (216) 443-7010.

  1. Installing a new scale? Before a scale intended to be used commercially can be placed into service, it must first be inspected and approved by the Weights and Measures Division. 
  2. Do you sell products by mail, by phone, or online? This publication discusses what the FTC's Mail Order Rule covers, offers how-to compliance advice, answers common questions, explains where to go for more information – and includes a copy of the Rule. For more information click on the following link, 
  3. Understand units of measures? The following standard units of measure have been developed for fruits and vegetables, deli products, meat and poultry, and bakery items. Any items weighed and sold must include deduction for tare weight (protective wrap, plastic bag, bag enclosure and rubber band). All packaged items sold by weight must be labeled with the net weight, unit price and total price. For more information click on the following link,
  4. Do you know about the Red Flags Rule? The Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program designed to detect the warning signs — or "red flags" — of identity theft in their day-to-day operations. By identifying red flags in advance, businesses will be better equipped to spot suspicious patterns that may arise -- and take steps to prevent a red flag from escalating into a costly episode of identity theft. For more information click on the following link,
  5. Are you a school who would like your scale that weights individual check for accuracy? As a courtesy, the Weights and Measures Division will check your scale.
  6. Do you use e-mail in your business? The CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for  commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations. For more information click on the following link,