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Consumer Affairs

The Department of Consumer Affairs’  mission is to protect and educate residents of Cuyahoga County through the most effective and efficient inspection, investigation, mediation, and education programs  from deceptive selling and/or buying practices and from the misrepresentation of the price of a commodity or service. The Department consists of two Divisions: (1) Weights and Measures and (2) Consumer Protection.

The Weights and Measures Division is responsible for testing and the ensuring accuracy of all weighing and measuring devices used in commercial transactions in Cuyahoga County outside of the City of Cleveland. This is accomplished through inspections of scales, gas pumps, scanning systems, timing meters, and platform scales. The Division also inspects the accuracy of declared weight on prepackaged commodities and the method of sale on items such as firewood. Whether it is a dozen eggs, a gallon of juice, a yard of cloth, drying your clothes in a timed dryer, or purchasing firewood, almost all consumer purchases are sold by weight, volume, length, count or measure.

The Consumer Protection Division is responsible for protecting consumers from deceptive practices related to consumer transactions for personal, home, or household use, and; assisting consumers through education the ability to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. This is accomplished through mediation and investigation; public speaking or community outreach events; distribution of consumer facts or warnings; and working with local community and business leaders to ensure a fair and honest marketplace.

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