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Recorded Documents

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The Standardization of Forms  law has changed as of December 28, 2009. You may select the above link or call the Recorders Public Information Department at 216.443.7300 for further details.  

This site is provided to allow the citizens of Cuyahoga County, and the world, access to information housed at our office. Here you will find data on all the documents filed at the Recorder's office from 1810 until present day. You will discover that this site is the most comprehensive land data base in the world. We have endeavored to make your visit to our web site as "user-friendly" as possible and we are constantly working to improve user interaction.

You are able to search for a document by various criteria, and then view an image of the original document as it is stored in our state-of-the-art database system. To perform a search of the database, click the Search Database link.

Also available is help on the terminology and verbiage used in the recording of documents. If you have any questions about this site or its content, click on the Help link.

Above all, we at the Recorder's office are looking for better ways to serve our clients. If you would like us to respond to your questions, select this Contact link and call us at any of the telephone numbers that are listed.

The use of automatic extraction methods from this site is considered abusive. If you or your company utilizes this method you may be banned without notice.

Notice: The Cuyahoga County Recorded Documents Office does not accept cover pages for filing.