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About the Office of Budget & Management

OBM is responsible for the analysis and interpretation of financial matters affecting the county. The office reviews, prepares and monitors operating and capital improvement budgets, reports estimates of resources and expenditures, identifies new sources of revenue and opportunities for alternative service delivery, oversees the performance measurement initiative, analyzes legislation, and performs debt management functions.  OBM manages and communicates the county's financial and management plans by providing information for effective decision-making and advocating the county's interest in public forums.

Office of Budget & Management

Maggie Keenan, Director  ( 216-443-8191 
Sybil Haney,
Sr. Budget Analyst
( 216-443-7392
Financial Systems
Danielle Clark,
Budget  Analyst  
( 216-443-7236 
Public Works/Facilities
Ofice of Re-Entry
Facilities/County Kennel
Information Technology
County Executive
Debarment Reveiw Board
Ashley Oliver,
Budget  Analyst  
( 216-443-6896
Board of Revision

Internal Audit
Soil and Water District
Public Works/
Sanitary Engineer

Court of Appeals
Homeless Services

Soldiers and Sailors Monument
\Innovation & Performance

Inspector General

Public Works/Airport
Public Works/Road & Bridge
Board of Elections

Chuck Cavano,
Sr. Budget Analyst 
( 216-443-7159 

Capital Project

Wendy Feinn,
Budget Analyst  
(   216-443-7228 
Juvenile Court
Public Defender

Probate Court
Regional Collaboration

Law Department
Senior & Adult Services
Budget Analyst  
Common Pleas Court
Miscellaneous Obligations
Law Library
Veterans Services Fund

Self Insurance
Veterans Services Commission

Municipal Courts
Medical Examiner 

Personnel Review Commission

William Sheehan,
Sr. Financial Reporting Administrator
( 216-443-7231
Capital Projects

County Headquarters

Debt Service
GRF & HHS Levy Operating
Global Center Operating Acct
Financial Reporting & Systems
Kendra Zusy
Sr. Budget Analyst 
( 216-443-4060

Benefits Management
Indirect Cost Plan

Workers’ Compensation