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Real Property

The Real Property department maintains a complete historical record of all property transactions,  maintains records of property ownership, valuation, and taxation, and collects special assessments for public improvements.

In addition, the Real Property department prepares the first and second half property tax duplicate, computes tax refunds, gives credits based on decisions by the Board of Revision, Board of Tax Appeals, the Appraisal department and the Court.

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Commonly Requested Real Property Forms

Delinquent/Exempt/Highway Department

  •  Maintains records of delinquent parcels including foreclosures and land banks.
  • Prepares annual delinquent publication.
  • Maintains record of all exempt parcels.
  • Prepares annual report of exempt values.
  • Prorates taxes for highway acquisitions.
  • Maintains inventory of forfeited properties and conducts fiscal officer’s annual land sale of these properties.

Billing Department

  • Accepts ordinances from municipalities regarding special assessments.
  • Records & corrects charges to appear on the tax bills.
  • Maintains records of all parcels being split or combined.
  • Issues all revised bills.
  • Responds to taxpayers questions regarding revised tax bills, split bills and special assessments.
  • Processes refunds due to reductions granted by the board of revision, board of tax appeals, appraisal department, and courts.
  • Reports special assessment collection figures to municipalities.
  • Processes any changes in tax charges due to the correction of clerical errors, court decisions & board of revision.
  • Updates legal description of ownership records of plats and combination parcels.
  • Processes additions and abatements to on-line duplicate.
  • Balances Fiscal Officer’s Refunds.

Audit Department

  • Updates data base with all changes in valuation and class.
  • Prepares annual reporting of property valuations.
  • Prepares settlement of Real Property taxes.
  • Audits all billing files.
  • Prepares the Real Property tax duplicate.
  • Reviews the Real Property valuation abstract of Cuyahoga County.

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