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Open Checkbook

Click here to visit Cuyahoga County’s Open Checkbook.

FAQ For Cuyahoga County’s Open Checkbook

  1)  What data is included in the Cuyahoga County Open Checkbook website?
  • The first year of data available is 2014. New data will be added on an annual basis and will be updated roughly mid-year for the previous fiscal year.
  • The data only contains expenses for agencies/departments directly under the County Executive.
  2)  Why are there negative numbers?
  • Negative amounts can be corrections of errors within the County’s ledgers. They can also be refunds from vendors or cancellations of payments.
3)  Why don’t the county’s expenses match the county’s budget?
  • The budget is an estimate of what the County anticipates spending during any given year. What actually occurs will not exactly match what is budgeted.
  • The Prosecutor’s Office and the Court expenses are not included in the Checkbook because they do not report to the County Executive. Since they are separately elected officials it is their office’s decision as to whether or not they participate.
  • Various agencies have their own separate boards and do not report to the County Executive such as the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Mental Health Board and the County Board of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Some expenses are paid through separate grant or project funds. Currently, grants budgets are approved when the grant is accepted and are not budgeted on a yearly basis. Projects are also budgeted when the project is initiated and not budgeted on a yearly basis.
  • Non Departmental expenses are not budgeted.
  4)  What are "NON DEPARTMENTAL" expenses?
  • The Non Departmental fund is an accounting mechanism used to segregate certain expenses. The expenses are mainly for employee payroll expenses such as taxes, retirement and healthcare. This fund also accounts for property tax expenses. These expenses are to distribute property taxes to various entities within the County such as cities and schools as well as refunds to property owners.
  5)  Why aren’t construction expenses for the convention center, Global Center for Health Innovation or hotel included?

  • The County has utilized a trustee to manage all expenses for these projects, so they are not included in the County’s Checkbook.
6)  Who is responsible for this information?

  • The Fiscal Department is responsible for processing and recording the expenses.
  7)  Why are only the County expenses shown?