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Cuyahoga County Recorders From 1810 to Present

The position of Fiscal Officer was created by means of a charter approved by the county's electorate on November 3, 2009, and became effective January 1, 2011 which combines the responsibilities of the County Auditor and County Recorder. The Fiscal Officers appointed by the Executive and approved by County Council since the adoption of the Charter are as follows:

Years in Office Name
2011-2013 Wade Steen
2013-2015 Mark Parks
2015-2019 Dennis Kennedy  
2019-present Michael Chambers  

Appointed by Court of Common Pleas

Years in Office Name
1810-1812 John Walworth
1812-1834 Horace Perry

Elected - 3 Year Term

Years in Office Name Party
1834-1840 Joseph Bartlett
1840-1843 James B. Finney
1843-1849 William Richards Whig
1849-1852 Charles Winslow Democrat
1852-1855 Lee Lord/Ford
1855/1856-1862 John Packard
1863-1865 James Brokenshire Democrat
1865-1869 Benjamin Lamson Republican
1870-1876 Edward H. Bohn
1877-1882 Asa M. VanSickle
1882-1885 C.C. Schellentager Democrat
1886-1891 Alfred Travers Anderson
1891-1892 Edward J Kennedy
1892-1898 Fred Saal Republican
1899-1903 J.C. Siegrist Republican
1904-1909 Herman Baehr Republican
1910-1911 Maurice Mashke Republican (Appointed)
1911-1913 Paul Schreiner Republican

Elected - 4 Year Term

Years in Office Name Party
1913-1921 Hosea Paul Democrat
1921-1932 Lyman O. Newell Republican
1933-1950 Donald F. Lybarger Democrat
1950-1963 Frank S. Day Democrat
1963-1981 Mark McElroy Democrat
1981-1982 Timothy Hagan Democrat (Appointed)
1982-1985 Benny Bonanno Democrat
1985-1997 Frank Russo Democrat
1997- May 08 Patrick J. O'Malley Democrat
June 08-Oct 08 Lillian J. Greene Democrat (Appointed)
Nov. 2008 Lillian J. Greene Democrat (Elected)