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Cuyahoga County Recorders From 1810 to Present

Appointed by Court of Common Pleas

Years in Office Name
1810-1812 John Walworth
1812-1834 Horace Perry

Elected - 3 Year Term

Years in Office Name Party
1834-1840 Joseph Bartlett
1840-1843 James B. Finney
1843-1849 William Richards Whig
1849-1852 Charles Winslow Democrat
1852-1855 Lee Lord/Ford
1855/1856-1862 John Packard
1863-1865 James Brokenshire Democrat
1865-1869 Benjamin Lamson Republican
1870-1876 Edward H. Bohn
1877-1882 Asa M. VanSickle
1882-1885 C.C. Schellentager Democrat
1886-1891 Alfred Travers Anderson
1891-1892 Edward J Kennedy
1892-1898 Fred Saal Republican
1899-1903 J.C. Siegrist Republican
1904-1909 Herman Baehr Republican
1910-1911 Maurice Mashke Republican (Appointed)
1911-1913 Paul Schreiner Republican

Elected - 4 Year Term

Years in Office Name Party
1913-1921 Hosea Paul Democrat
1921-1932 Lyman O. Newell Republican
1933-1950 Donald F. Lybarger Democrat
1950-1963 Frank S. Day Democrat
1963-1981 Mark McElroy Democrat
1981-1982 Timothy Hagan Democrat (Appointed)
1982-1985 Benny Bonanno Democrat
1985-1997 Frank Russo Democrat
1997- May 08 Patrick J. O'Malley Democrat
June 08-Oct 08 Lillian J. Greene Democrat (Appointed)
Nov. 2008 Lillian J. Greene Democrat (Elected)