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Transfer & Recording Procedures

  • Transfer & Recording Information: (216) 443-7089
  • For Recording information and fees please see the Recorded Documents section of this website.

Transfer and Conveyance Fees

  • For the transfer or entry of land, lot or part of lot, $.50 for each transfer.
  • For receiving Statement of Value & Receipt (DTE FORM 100) revised 1/2014 and administrating O.R.C. 319.202 the sum of $4.00 per $1000.00 or $.40 per $100.00 for each $100.00 or fraction there of the value of real property.
Below are listed the steps to transfer and record any document that conveys an interest in real property located in Cuyahoga County.


(Forms DTE FORM 100, revised 01/14 and the DTE FORM 100(EX) revised 01/14 are available to the public at the Fiscal Office, Transfer and Recording Department, located in Reserve Square, Lower level, 1701 E 12th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.)
  1. Present the document to the Cuyahoga County Public Works Tax Map staff, for approval of the legal description of the parcel being conveyed and endorse the same with an Engineers stamp. NOTE: You will need your prior deed of record to present to the Tax Map staff if your legal description is not a straight sublot listing. If you do not have your original deed or a copy of your deed you can obtain a copy from the Map Room.
  2. 2. Present documents and appropriate DTE form to the Fiscal Officer's Transfer & Recording Department. Pay all fees due to the cashier by cash, certified check or money order. (No personal checks are accepted)

    Warning - Only fully completed DTE FORM 100 revised 05/11 and DTE FORM (EX) revised 09/12 will be accepted by the Fiscal Officer's office.
  3. document will then be recorded, by recording cashiers in the same location.

Please request a Change of Mailing Address Form whenever necessary so that you will continue to receive Fiscal Officer's mailings including reappraisal information by contacting the Transfer & Recording Department’s public information at (216) 443-7020.