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Annual Value Changes

Please Note

Property taxes are paid for the prior year and displayed as such:
  • Certain information displayed in the residential record is for the tax year 2014.
  • Updates or changes to any parcel record during the current year will be applied to the record the following tax year. For example, updates made in 2014 will be available in 2015.
  • Information displayed in the transfer history record such as ownership and sales data is current for the record and is typically displayed within a 24-hour period after a sale or transfer.

    New Construction

    The Appraisal Department receives a total of approximately 20,000 building permits annually from all cities in Cuyahoga County. An appraiser determines if the change will effect the value of the property.

    Properties are viewed for the tax year following the year construction began. Any value change will be reflected on that December tax bill.

    Property Splits

    The Appraisal Department handles approximately 7,000 property changes annually. They may include dividing and combining properties. These changes to land descriptions may increase or decrease the property value. Some changes have no effect.