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Auto Title Fees

Below is a listing of all the fees associated with securing or transferring title for Motor Vehicle, Off-Road MC's, APV's and Watercraft titles.

Original Title $15.00
Title and Lien $15.00
Title, Lien and Memo $15.00
Duplicate Title (Original, lost or destroyed) $15.00
Replacement Title (Alteration, correction, erasure) $15.00
Lien Replacement (Adding lien to current title) $15.00
Lien Replacement Title (Adding lien and memo title) $15.00
Dealer Resale Title with Lien $15.00
Salvage Title with Lien $15.00
Leasing, Rental or Company Title $15.00
Repossesion Title $15.00
Affidavit $1.00
Out of State Inspection (Motor Vehicle Only)
Clerk $1.50
Inspection Station $3.50
Late Filing Penalty Fee $5.00
Sales or Use Tax 8.00%
No Change: Memo Title Issued Seperately $5.00
No Change: Dealer Resale Titles $5.00
No Change: Motor Vehicle Salvage Titles $4.00

No Personal Checks

We accept, Certified Check, Cash, Money Order, Mastercard or Visa (if the cardholder is present)