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Maps & Digital Imaging Department

The Reproduction Department is responsible for providing the public with a copy of any particular map, or ownership page, they might be interested in. Also providing the copying needs of the entire Fiscal Officer's Office.

The Map Room maintains records on all property. Each piece of land that is sold in Cuyahoga County has its own Permanent Parcel Number. The parcel number tracks all records of that property. The lot dimensions are then drawn into what are called map books.

This department is here to assist the public in finding their parcel number and can help answer any question the public might have on any parcel in Cuyahoga County.

For example this is how your parcel number breaks down:

The parcel number is an 8 digit number
  • The book number {000} - (the first 3 numbers)
  • The page number {00} - (the second 2 numbers)
  • The circle number on the map {000} - (the last 3 numbers)

The Map Room is only a link, in a large chain that makes up some of the duties of the Fiscal Officer’s Office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop in or phone the office.

Departmental Contacts


Department/Title Phone Number
Map Room Staff 216-443-7010

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a parcel number?

A parcel number is an eight-digit identification number that represents a section of property. The first three digits of the parcel number identify the map book, the fourth and fifth digits identify the page number, and the last three digits identify the actual lot.

What is the transfer date?

The transfer date is the exact date in which the owner purchased the property, or when a deed has been re-filed; for example changes of name, adding a name or filing a Transfer on Death Deed.

What is the tax mailing address?

The tax mailing address is the address in which a taxpayer receives their tax bill.

Which is the market value?

The market value is the approximate value of a property. A value change may occur every three years, for this reason a re-appraisal is done and the market value increases.

Who are the current owners of the property?

The Map Room can tell you the current owner of the property and can research prior ownership up to forty or fifty years, an office visit may be requested in order to do this type of research.