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Mobile Home Titles

Manufactured Homes

In order to transfer title to a manufactured home, it is mandatory that the Auditor and the Treasurer in the county where it is located verify that all property taxes have been paid. If so, the Auditor and the Treasurer will stamp the title, "HOUSE TRAILER TRANSFER APPROVED". If this stamp does not appear on the face of the title, contact the Auditor's and the Treasurer's office in the appropriate county. Titles must be obtained within 30 Days of assignment or a late fee will be assessed.

Processing a new mobile home title requires a completed application, a new mobile home Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), the selling price, and all required fees.

For a used mobile home, the previous owner's properly assigned title, including purchase price, and the County Treasurer's and Auditor's stamp as evidence property taxes have been paid in full are required.

Motor Home

When installing a camping unit on a pickup truck or converting a van to a motor home, the body change must be recorded with the Fiscal Office's office. Both original title for the Truck Camper and the Pick-up Truck must be presented for this change. The new title will show a body type of "MOTOR HOME".

Archive Fee

All Mobile Homes /Built Homes/ Manufactured Homes/and House Trailers are assessed a $5.00 archive fee in addition to the normal Title fees.