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Public Information

Please Note

Property taxes are paid for the prior year and displayed as such:
  • Certain information displayed in the residential record is for the tax year 2017.
  • Updates or changes to a residential record during the current year will be applied to the record the following tax year. For example, updates made in 2017 will be available in 2018.
  • Information displayed in the transfer history record such as ownership and sales data is current for the record and is typically displayed within a 24-hour period after a sale or transfer.

    The office has information available concerning each property in the county. This information includes:

    Property Characteristics

    Cuyahoga County Property Data has recently been aggregated to a new user friendly website. Please visit: Information available to taxpayers about each property includes characteristics such as lot size, room count, bathrooms, construction, style, occupancy, year built, etc. Any information concerning the physical characteristics is also available over the phone. Please call (216) 443-4663 with any further questions.


    The owner of each parcel in the county is also available, along with a parcel address and mailing address. This can be obtained at (216) 443-4663. 

    Sales Data

    The office maintains a record of transfers of all residential and commercial property in the county. The data includes the date the property sold, the buyer and seller, and the price that was paid in the transfer. This can be obtained at ((216) 443-4663. 


    The current property values are also available to the public. The values are available in both assessed value and market value. The assessed value is the value to which tax rates are applied. This can be obtained at (216) 443-4663. 


    Information about tax rates can be found by clicking here to go to the Budget Commission section of this site. Further information about individual property taxes can be obtained at (216) 443-4663.