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Veteran FAQs


There are over 100,000 veteran’s gravesites located within Cuyahoga County. The oldest goes back to a Revolutionary War veteran who is buried near Green Road on the east side of Cleveland. 

Little Known FAQs:

In addition to the veterans interred at Arlington National Cemetery who fought in past conflicts, there are also several groups of veterans who are interred there in specific memorials to their area of combat or expertise. Amongst these are the casualties of the USS Stark, USS Serpens, USS Liberty, the Persian Gulf War, Beirut and Grenada, and Operation “Just Cause” in Panama. There are also 55 Foreign Nationals, the designer of Washington D.C. (Pierre Charles L’Enfant), and musician, Glenn Miller.


We've Got Answers

How Can I locate the gravesite of a friend or relative?

It’s actually quite simple. Go to the “Grave Sites” page of this website and enter the name that you are looking for. If he/she is listed in our database, the name, cemetery, and gravesite location in that cemetery will appear. If you believe that someone should be listed in the database but appears to be missing, please notify our Public Information Department at 216-443-7318 and provide as much information about that person’s service as you can find. The DD-214 would be the most valuable piece of Information that you could provide. We will research the information provided and make any necessary additions to our database.

Am I required to include my social security number on my DD-214?

No, it is not required and, in fact, the Ohio Revised Code permits a veteran to have his social security number “blacked out” when he files his discharge papers with our office. With the increased awareness of identity theft, it has become advisable to ask our staff for assistance in filing your DD-214 without revealing your personal identification numbers.

What is my cost?

Our office is proud to assist those who have honorably served our nation. Therefore, there is no charge for the filing of your original DD-214 with our office. We will also provide you with a wallet size copy of your filing and up to three (3) regular sized copies for your records without any charge to you.