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Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, Michael W. Chambers, CPA

Property Sales Locator

aerial view of a neighborhoodCuyahoga County has launched a new Property Sales Locator for residents and community members to explore all home sales in Cuyahoga County from 2018-2021. The Fiscal Office Hub contains data on parcels in the County, an app with all recent sales information in the County and information on the property valuation process. The Sales Finder App allows users to search by parcel number or address within a selected radius and export this data. Users can also filter by year or by land-use type.

2021 Triennial Update

State law requires the County Auditor/Fiscal Officer to appraise every parcel fairly and uniformly every three years. The current update involves a study and analysis of sales that have taken place in the past three years to determine whether a change in market value has occurred since the last Reappraisal in 2018. It is not designed to increase taxes, but to keep property values uniform with the marketplace.

An increase in property value does not result in a comparable increase in the amount of taxes owed, thanks to House Bill 920. When property values increase, House Bill 920 kicks in to lessen the impact. For more information on HB 920 and to use the “Property Tax Estimator”, click the link below.

Residents can attend community meetings to learn about how the triennial update was conducted. Due to time constraints from COVID, the County is not able to hold informal meetings to look at values as was done previously.

Triennial Update Map   Property Tax Estimator   House Bill 920  


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The Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer exercises all powers and perform all duties now or hereafter vested in or imposed by general law upon county auditors and county recorders and the powers and duties of clerks of the court of common pleas other than those powers and duties related to serving the operation of the courts.

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