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Contact Information

Michael W. Chambers, CPA
Fiscal Officer
Phone: 216-443-7010


Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

Automobile Title Main Branch
2079 East Ninth Street, 3rd Floor 
Cleveland, OH 44115

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm 

  Commercial Lou Gentile 216-698-6595
  Residential Neil Winans 216-698-2730
Budget Commission Bryan Dunn 216-443-2134
Call Center Lisa Rocco
Consumer Affairs/Weights & Measures Sheryl Harris 216-443-7037
Equity & Inclusion Lenora Lockett 216-443-7487
Estate Tax Bryan Dunn 216-443-2134
General Accounting Leigh Tucker
General Services (Vendor's, Cigarette, and Dog Licenses) Lisa Rocco
Lodging Tax Michele Rude 216-443-7140
Map Room/Digital Imaging Brian O'Malley 216-443-7020
Microfilm Center Richard Hampton 216-443-5908
Office of Budget Management Walter Parfejewiec 216-443-8191
Office of Procurement & Diversity Lenora Lockett 216-443-7487
Operations Lisa Rocco 216-443-5730
Purchasing Catherine Tkachyk 216-698-2142
Real Property Bryan Dunn 216-443-7010
Transfer & Recording Brian O'Malley 216-443-7020
Fax Machine 216-443-8193
TTY Hearing Impaired 800-750-0750