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Definition of Document Types

The following are the codes which the Cuyahoga County Recorder's Office uses to define documents filed in our office. Use these codes when performing a general or partial search on the Cuyahoga County Recorder's Website.

AA Attested Account Lien On Public
AAR Attested Account Release
AEML As Extracted Mineral Lien
AFTR Affidavit of Trust
AM Amendment
AMNS Amendment Non Standard w/At
APL Agricultural Product Lien
ASG Assignment
ASGNS Assignment Non Standard w/Att
ASM Assumption
BES Bureau of Employment Services
BL Broker's Lien
BLS Broker's Lien Satisfaction
BOND Bond Muny Court
BST Bulk Sales Transfer
BUC Bureau of Employ Serv Rels
BWC Bureau of Workers Compensation
BWCM Bureau of Workman's Comp Mort
BWCR Bureau of Workman's Comp Rel
CCLP Clerk Certificate of LIS Pende
CCLPR RELS - Notice of Lis Pendens
CDBA Corporate DBA's
CF Continuation of Federal Tax Li
CLS Corrections Statement for UCC
CMB Combination Financing Statement
CMBAP Combination Financing Statement Additional Party
CMBNS CMB Non Standard
CS Continuation Financing Statement 
CSA Continuation of an Amendment/A
CSEL Child Support Enforcement Lien
CSER Child Support Enforcement Release
CSNS Continuation Non Standard w/At
DEAF Deed Affidavit
DEAU Deed Auditor
DECL Condo Declaration & Plat
DECT Deed Certificate of Transfer
DEEA Deed Easement
DEED Deed Warranty and Survivorship
DEJE Deed Journal Entry
DEQC Deed Quit Claim
DERT Revocation of a Living Will
DESH Deed Sheriff's
DETR Deed Trustees
DETRT Deed Trustee/Trust
DTOD Deed Transfer on Death
DTRR Trust Revocation
FBIR FBI Release
FINS Financial Statement Non Standard
FIX Fixture Cross Index Real Estate
FIXA Orig Fixture Filing w/Assignment
FIXAP Fixture Financial Statement Additional Party
FIXNS Fixture Non Standard
FJL Federal Judgment Lien
FL Federal Tax Lien
FLC Federal Lien Correction
FLNA Federal Lien Non Attachment
FLPRL Federal Tax Lien Partial Release
FLR Federal Lien Refile
FLSUB Federal Lien Subordination
FLTRM Federal Tax Lien Term/Release
FLW Federal Withdraw File Error
FS Financing Statement
FSA Financing Statement/Assignment
FSANS Financing Statement/Assignment Non Standard
FSNS Financial Statement Non Standard
HCP Health Care Durable POA
HCPR Health Care Durable POA Rev
HIST Historical Document
LDCT Land Contract (Mortgage)
LE Lease
LEA Lease Assignment
LEAG Lease Agreement
LEC Lease Cancellation
LEME Lease Memorandum
LESU Lease Subordination
LEW Lease Waiver
LP Lapse
LPLAT Additional Plat Map 20" Length
LWHP Living Will Health POA
LWHR Living Will Health Revocable
LWP Living Will
LWPR Living Will POA Revocation
MANH Manufactured Home Lien
MDRL Medicaid Lien
MDRR Medicaid Lien Release
MILD Military Discharge
MILDX Military Discharge Expunged
ML Mechanic's Lien
MLAF Mechanic's Lien Affidavit
MLBD Mechanic's Lien With Bond
MLRD Mechanic's Lien Released
MLS Mechanic's Lien Satisfaction
MNOC Mechanic's Notice Commencement
MOAF Mortgage Affidavit
MOAS Mortgage Assignment of Original
MORT Mortgage
MRST Mortgage Restrictions
MVBL Motor Vehicle Bond Lien
PART Partnership General Historical
PAT Power of Attorney 
PATR Power of Attorney Revocation
PBUC BES Partial Rels
PFT Public Finance Transaction
PPTRM Personal Property Tax Term/Rel
PRF Partial Release of Tax Liens
PRL Partial Release
PRLNS Partial Release Non Standard
PRTF Partnership Fictitious
PRTFAM Partnership Fictitious Amendment
PRTFCAN Partnership Fictitious Cancel
PRTG Partnership General 
PRTGAM Partnership General Amendment
PRTGCAN Partnership General Cancel
PRTL Partnership Limited
PRTLAM Partnership Limited Amendment
PRTLCAN Partnership Limited Cancel
PTLA Property Tax Lien Assignment
PTXL Property Tax Liens
RECL Recognizance Lien
RECR Recognizance Release
PTXR Property Tax Liens Release
REL Release (Partial)
RELA Release Assignment
RELS Release Satisfaction
RELW Release Waiver
SAA Security Agreement AFF
SOPRO Partnership Sole Proprietorship
SOPROAM Partnership SOPRO Amendment
SOPROCAN Partnership SOPRO Cancel
SRCH Search of Files
SRCHAP Search of File Non Standard
SUB Subordination
SUBNS Subordination Non Standard
TRANS Transfer Statement
TRM Termination
WVR Waiver