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Delinquent Publication

In compliance with Provisions of Section 5721.03 of the ORC, there will be published in a newspaper of general circulation a Delinquent Tax List of unpaid parcels in Cuyahoga County.




September 22, 2021  |  October 6, 2021

Publication, additional accrued interest and foreclosures may be forestalled by paying the delinquent taxes in full or by entering into an installment payment plan with the County Treasurer. Vacant lands on the list are lands on which taxes have remained unpaid for one year after being certified delinquent and are subject to foreclosure proceedings as provided in section 323.25, sections 323.65 to 323.79, or section 5721.18 of the Revised Code, or foreclosure and forfeiture proceedings as provided in section 5721.14 of the Revised Code. Lands are subject to a tax certificate sale under section 5721.32 or 5721.33 of the Revised Code or assignment to a county land re-utilization corporation.

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