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Auto Title Division


The Fiscal Office Auto Title Division processes titles for motor vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, ATV's and limited off road vehicles, mobile homes, travel trailers, campers, motor homes, watercraft, and boat motors. It also issues replacement titles, and duplicate titles for original titles that have been lost or stolen.

Titles must be obtained within 30 days of assignment, or a late fee will be assessed.

To secure a title for new vehicles, boats, or outboard motors, applicants must have a completed Ohio application, a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), the odometer statement, the selling price, and all required fees.

To secure a title for used vehicles, boats, or outboard motors, the previous owner's properly assigned title with the selling price and mileage is needed.

If the vehicle, boat, or outboard motor is being financed, a copy of the security agreement must accompany all required forms. 

Click here for Auto/Boat Title Forms.


Buying a Vehicle

An Ohio dealer is required to provide you with your new title within 30 days of purchase. Ensure that the dealer has your name exactly as you want it to appear on your title.

If you buy a car from an individual, you are responsible for the transfer of the title. Do not complete any part of the assignment or application on the reverse side of the title unless it is done before a Notary Public. All signatures must be notarized.

Never make any alterations or erasures on a Certificate of Title; if this is done, the title becomes null and void and a replacement title will have to be applied for.

Do not fill in any part of the assignment or application on the reverse side of the title, unless it is done in the presence of a Notary Public or other duly authorized officer with power to administer oaths. All signatures must be sworn to.

If your title was issued before December 10, 1977, a seller's odometer affidavit must be executed by the seller. This affidavit must be notarized. These forms are also available at most banks.

Always make a physical inspection of any automobile you buy. Make sure that the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on the Car and Title match.

When You Have a Mortgage on Your Vehicle

If you apply for a loan, using your car as collateral, always insist upon obtaining a Memorandum Certificate of Title with which you can obtain license plates. You cannot transfer ownership of an automobile with a Memorandum Certificate of Title (white copy).

When you have paid off your mortgage, the bank or finance company will discharge the lien on your Certificate of Title. On a paper title the lien should be discharged and there should be a stamp on the title from the Fiscal Office that states "LIEN CANCELLED". 

If your  Title is electronic you will need to Present a Lien Discharge Statement from your Lien Holder on their
letterhead with full description of the vehicle.