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Motor Vehicle Titles

For detailed information regarding motor vehicle titles, see Chapter 4505: Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title Law of the Ohio Revised Code.

If you are in doubt concerning the transferring, buying, selling or mortgaging of a motor vehicle or watercraft, you may wish to contact your attorney or call the Fiscal Officer for additional information.


The Certificate of Title is your proof of ownership. Keep it in a safe place. Do not carry the Certificate of Title on you or in your car.

License Plates

Effective March 19, 1987, a Title or Memorandum of Title is NO longer required for Renewal of registration. Contact your local license bureau for additional information.


Notarization services are available from the Fiscal Office Auto Title Division for all titles and related forms only.

Junked Cars

When you dismantle, destroy or change the character of your automobile so that it no longer is a complete car, you must surrender your Certificate of Title to our office for cancellation. When you sell your vehicle to a junk dealer, you must assign the title to the dealer and have your signature notarized.

Salvage Title

To convert a Salvage Title, an inspection must be made by the Highway Patrol. A fee of $50.00  plus Deputy Registrar fee is charged. An application for the inspection can be obtained at any local Deputy Registrar. After the inspection by the Highway Patrol, a new title will be issued.

Homemade Vehicle

If you build a Motor Vehicle you must execute an affidavit of facts to present to the Title Department along with the bills of sale for purchased parts and CERTIFICATE OF TITLE for any motor vehicle used in the construction. Self assembled vehicles must be inspected by the Highway Patrol.

Late Filing Fee

To avoid an additional $5.00 fee, your title must be issued within 30 days of the date it is assigned to you.

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