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Statistics & Reports

Biennial Appropriations

Financial Policies

Bond Rating Agency Reports

County Annual Information Statements

Bonds and Notes of the County

Additional information on County bond issues as well as secondary market information on County bonds can be found at the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Boards EMMA data port.

Budget Plans

This extensive budgetary plan is compiled in the first quarter of the county fiscal year. It highlights major budget initiatives that are included in the adopted operating budget. Major sections of this document include a break down of county fiscal operations by fund group; analysis of revenues by type; program budgets and performance for each county agency; and a summary of county capital improvements and debt financing.

Budget Summary

Summary versions of the Adopted Budget Plans that provide high level information on the county’s fiscal activity geared for public consumption. Provided in condensed and concise format for basic overview of financial county operations and key statistics.

Recommended Budget

Budget document presented by the Fiscal Office, Office of Budget & Management to communicate the recommended operating budget for the upcoming budget year. This report highlights major county budget initiatives and details the ongoing and newly requested programmatic requests from County agencies.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly budget reports are created to coincide with OBM's quarterly assessment of the county's operating budget. The report details the projected year end actual expenditures and revenues and compares this with the approved operating budget for that year. OBM compiles these reports every quarter including a major budget estimate at midyear.

Presentations and Miscellaneous Reports

Presentations by the Fiscal Office, Office of Budget & Management which presents highlights of the current budget.

Disclaimer to Miscellaneous Reports: While the information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge, it cannot be considered an exhaustive reporting of the County’s outstanding obligations.