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Out of State Titles

When you buy a car that carries an out of state title, a physical inspection is required by an official State Inspection Station before title can be issued on the out of state vehicle. Contact any office of the Title Department for the location of an Inspection Station closest to you. An applicant's odometer affidavit is also required.

When you are converting or transferring title to a vehicle that was last titled in another state, the following is required:

  1. The actual Certificate of Title. Copies are not acceptable. If your out of state title reflects an open lien, proper evidence of its extinction or a copy of the security agreement or loan contract covering the vehicle is required. If your title is held by a lien holder, our office can provide the necessary paperwork to request the original title.
  2. Out of State Inspection form. Any vehicle last previously registered or titled in another state must have a physical inspection done before being titled in Ohio. This is not a safety inspection. The inspection is for the year, make, serial number, etc. of the vehicle

There are other state inspection stations in Cuyahoga County. Contact any of the Auto Title Offices for locations.

The current tax rate applies when a resident of Cuyahoga County buys a vehicle outside of Ohio for use in this state. However, credit is given for any tax paid to the other state and may be deducted from taxes due in Ohio. (To avoid the late fee), an assigned title must be transferred within 30 days of the date of assignment.

Application for a vehicle, boat or motor title must be made in the Auto Title Division of the County Fiscal Officer's Office. If the title is not already in the current owner's name, the vehicle must be titled within 30 days of assignment, or a late fee will be assessed.

For a new out-of-state vehicle, a completed application, an odometer statement, a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), a dealer invoice or purchase order, and all fees and taxes are required for the new title to be processed.

For a used out-of-state vehicle, a properly assigned title with purchase price and mileage, an out-of-state serial number inspection, and all fees and taxes are required.

When financing or leasing a new or used out-of-state vehicle, the county lien holder's request form must be completed and sent to the bank or leasing company, requesting the original title and security agreement. Additionally, an out-of-state serial number inspection and all fees are required.

The rules for new Ohio residents also apply to current Ohio residents who are titling a vehicle, boat or motor that has been purchased out-of-state.