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Vendor's Licenses

Register for a Vendor’s License in Cuyahoga County. Ohio law requires any person or business making retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services to register for the sales tax by obtaining a vendor’s license. Ohio offers several different types of vendor’s license, depending on the kind of business.

Only Regular Vendor’s License are obtained through the County Fiscal Officer, Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters, 2079 East Ninth Street, Cleveland, OH 44115, Room 1-200, 216-443-7010

Transient and Service Vendor’s Licenses are obtained through the
Ohio Department of Taxation


If your business measures goods on site by weight, volume or length, you must contact the Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs’ Division of Weights and Measures at 216-443-7035 to have devices certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sales Tax?

Sales tax is a "trust" that is collected by all retailers when they make taxable retail sales.    

What must I do to make Taxable Retail Sales in Ohio?

Every Ohio retailer (vendor) making taxable retail sales must obtain a vendor’s license, collect sales tax, file tax returns with payment of tax collected, and maintain complete records of transactions.    

Are there different Vendor's Licenses for different types of businesses?

Yes, all vendors must obtain one or more of the following licenses depending on the nature of the business.

Regular Vendor’s License

Issued by the County Fiscal Officer to vendors with a fixed place of business in Ohio. Vendors must have one regular vendor’s license for each sales location.
  • Application Fee $25.00
  • No Annual Renewal Fee

Transient Vendor’s License

Issued by the Department of Taxation to vendors who transport stocks of goods to temporary places of business or exhibits in a county where they have no fixed place of business in order to make sales.
  • Application Fee $25.00
  • No Annual Renewal Fee

Service Vendor’s License

Issued by the Department of Taxation to vendors providing automatic data processing; computer services or electronic information services; taxable telecommunications service; landscaping and lawn care service, private investigation and security services; information service (I-900 telephone calls); exterminating service; building maintenance and janitorial service; employment service; and employment placement service.
  • Application Fee $25.00
  • No Annual Renewal Fee    

Are Vendor's Licenses transferable?

You must have an active regular vendor’s license for each fixed place of business from which taxable retail sales are made. A regular vendor’s license, which is issued by the County Fiscal Officer to cover a fixed place of business, may be transferred from one existing business location to another when you move an existing business to a new location within the same county. If the business location is being moved to a different county, a new regular vendor’s license must be obtained from the County Fiscal Officer of the different county. A vendor who is moving an existing business to a new location within the same county and wishes to transfer the existing regular vendor’s license must submit a transfer application. These applications can be obtained at the County Fiscal Office, 216-443-7010 or at the State of Ohio Department of Taxation, 1-800-282-1782. If approved, the Department of Taxation will update its file, issue a transfer license, and advise the County Fiscal Officer. There is no fee for transferring a regular vendor’s license from one location to another within the same county. Any change in ownership (sole proprietor to partnership, partnership to corporation, corporation to sole proprietor, partnership to sole proprietor, etc.) requires a new license. A change in mailing address does not require a new license. If you are required to obtain a new vendor’s license due to a change in ownership or location, a final return must be filed within fifteen days of the last day of business under the original vendor’s license.

How is a Vendor's License cancelled?

If a vendor stops making taxable retail sales, a final return must be filed and all taxes must be paid within 15 days of the final sale. Vendors must complete the space provided on the final return, indicating the last day of business. If you have questions regarding the transfer of an existing license or the requirement to obtain a new vendor’s license, please call the Ohio Department of Taxation Registration at 1-888-405-4089.